Happy November!

Happy November!

Happy November everyone! How were your Halloweens? This year, Halloween fell on a weekend, which meant lots of fun here at Yoseka! Soraya had been planning our costumes for a year and made us all paper hats based on our favorite washi tape designs and she even made Jacob a hat. Can you guess which one? If you guessed the mt Baby Animals washi tape, you are right! We prepared lots of candy and still have a full bag left over, which we are not complaining about :) I've been enjoying way too many Twix and Peanut M&M's for the past few days now, but at least the sugar will keep us all energized for the exciting upcoming holiday season around the corner. 

In October, for the first time ever, Yoseka had to unexpectedly close for a few days due to being short staffed. It was pretty scary for me and Neil, but we made some schedule changes subsequently and hope that they will prevent this from happening again. Apologies to anyone who had planned a trip to Yoseka those days for the last minute change. Aside from these unforeseen changes, October also brought lots of great new stationery. Whether you're a fountain pen collector who might be interested in the Pilot Namiki Yukari Maki-e Milky Way fountain pen or a journaling bubble tea lover who couldn't pass up the Taiwan Limited FriXion Stamps (which will be restocked!) including our favorite, the bubble tea stamp, we hope you found something fun and inspiring this past month. 

We've already begun adding some holiday items. Holiday-themed MU print on stickers were a huge hit last year for decorating cards and presents so we made sure to get lots this year and we have more holiday stickers from Mind Wave, mt washi tape, cards (singles and boxed sets) and more coming in the next few weeks. Planners have mostly arrived by now with Himekuri, Traveler's, Take a Note A5, Shinnippon and Replug calendar pre-orders all shipped out during October. Unfortunately, Hightide's planners are caught up in the recent global supply chain delays but we hope to get them in November along with a restock of Hobonichi and Bushimen's PAL planner. 

The latest Catching Up with Yoseka Stationery is up on YouTube now so be sure to watch to see Soraya and I having too much fun bopping around with our washi tape hats!

Brause Calligraphy Nibs/Holders
LCN new collection in postage, stationery and coffee
Uni Ball One F
MU Christmas Collection
BGM clear PET Tape
Pilot FriXion Stamp Taiwan Limited
Lamy Safari special edition
Pilot Namiki Milky Way
Caran D’Ache Rollerball
Inks by Dominant Industry
Sora Calendar
Classiky Message Cards
2022 Planners

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