Happy July! New Faces of Yoseka and An Eventful Upcoming Summer

Happy July! New Faces of Yoseka and An Eventful Upcoming Summer

Happy summertime, friends! It's been a couple of months since we've done a monthly summary photo since we were busy at the beginning of June with our release, which went so well and we have you all to thank for that. A lot is new around Yoseka!

In May, we announced that Jane would be leaving Yoseka in order to go back to school for her PhD and she had her last day with us at the end of May. We all went out to dinner with her to celebrate her great accomplishments at Yoseka and the amazing things in her future. Recently, she popped in and brought us some beautiful flowers for the shop! 

Leading up to our release on June 1st, our team tested positive for COVID and we all isolated and recovered at home, resulting in quite a stressful week before our launch! Fortunately, all of our to-do's were completed and we were able to launch our Refresh Fountain Pen and Ceramics Inks Series right on schedule on June 1st. We have continued to be so moved by everyone's response to these projects that we've poured so much of ourselves into. 

In the last couple of months, we've also added a few new team members to Yoseka! Has everyone met Authan, Alex and Bethany yet? They've added so much fun to our mix these past few weeks and have already contributed to many creative projects you've been seeing from us. 

Of course, we are always adding lots of new stationery here as well and here is all the stationery that we added these past couple of months:

Hightide Mini Tool Box
mt tracing paper
POSCA Markers
Zebra Tect 2way Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm
Kamio Stickers
Kamio Color Sample Book Sticker Notes
Mind Wave Stickers

Mind Wave Clear Tapes
Yoseka Ceramic Ink Series
Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens
Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pens
Zebra ClickArt Markers new colors
Zebra Filare Ballpoint Pens
Zebra Mojini Highlighters
Hobby Stationery Magazine Vol 62
ystudio classci reflect pen pouch
Dux Ink Well Glass Sharpener
Yohand Studio
La Dolce Vita

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