Happy July!

Happy July!

Can’t believe it’s already July! It’s almost a year since we opened last August. Not sure what we are doing for our anniversary yet but there will definitely be lots of drinks and food 😄 In June, we had lots of great additions, and two new workshops. The photos in the middle are from the three workshops we had this month: Writing Circle with Cori, Calligraphy Workshop with Becky @wellspringwrites and Drawing Night with Meagan @meaganillustrates Right next to the photos are two other memorable times we had this month: Our friend Lauren sketch a cute storefront of Yoseka, and a special Sailor pin given to us from Scott’s visit.

Store additions from top left to bottom right:
New stationery books for browsing in store
Tiny stamps
Short Sticky Notes and Calendar Seals by Stalogy
Ink cartridges from Kaweco
Ink guide inside Hobby Stationery Box Special Edition
Lots of new stickers
5 minutes sandglass from Hightide
Heritage 92 Black and Blue by Pilot
Custom 823 Black Smoke by Pilot
Bronze Age Golden Armour by FWI
Vanishing Point Matte Black
Lifestyle Tool A4 File
Fude De Mannen by Sailor
Volume 10 by Blackwing
New cards from the Good Twin
Cavalier from Pilot
SARASA Grand and
Lifestyle Tool small box and pen stand box

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