Happy February! A Busy and Fulfilling Start to 2023

Happy February! A Busy and Fulfilling Start to 2023

We've had a busy and fulfilling start to 2023 already! In January, we released our Yoseka Green Stalogy Editor's Series notebooks, celebrated Lunar New Year, posted lots of YouTube videos including a comprehensive Fountain Pen Inks Explained video and introduced our new "How To" and "Swatch with Yoseka" series! Hobonichi Spring Starts are also here! Doesn't it seem like the September release just happened?! 

Coming up, we are looking forward to our Traveler's Diner Pop Up in-store and more special projects this year from our talented team members.

Here are some new stationery that we added that are featured in the photo above (from top left):

Mind Wave Stickers (Cozy and Food Truck)
MU Lifestyle Dyeing Tracing Paper
Sailor Ink Pen Set of 3
Furukawa Paper "Pochitto" Flake Stickers
Sailor Yurameku 2nd Edition
MD Notebook Soft Color
Stalogy Editor's Series 365 Days A5 Notebook - Yoseka Green
Kitaboshi 18 Colors Colored Pencils
Hightide Penco Bullet Ballpoint Pen - Brass
Kaweco Supra Fountain Pens
Rhodia Script Mechanical Pencil
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens
LCN Poetry Rubber Stamps

More newly added stationery (not pictured):

Shachihata Warabe Ink Pads
Pilot FriXion Zone
Bungubox Ink Tells More
Ferris Wheel Press Inks
Laban Rosa Lilac and Antique Fountain Pens
Ink Institute Meander Series
Stalogy 10 Year Anniversary Box
Hobby Stationery Box Volume 64
LCN 10-Year Anniversary Mini Journal Kit
Blackwing Vol 192
TSL New Items
Bungubox KOP Silent Night
Mizushima Clear Stamps
Shachihata Rotating Decoration Stamps
Mizutama Companion Stamp
Pilot Namiki Yukari Chinkin Fountain Pen - Beauty Autumn Leaves
Kaweco Original Series

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