Happy Holidays! Highs and Lows of November! 🎄

Happy Holidays! Highs and Lows of November! 🎄

Happy Holidays everyone! It definitely feels like the holidays are in full swing after Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday, ate good food, relaxed, got to spend some time with loved ones and made some time for yourselves too.

November was all about powering through lots of pre-orders for us at Yoseka. This past month, we may not have appeared very busy since we didn't add a ton of new stationery, but that's because we were doing our best to send out all of your planner pre-orders. We tackled Hightide pre-orders, Diamine Inkvent Calendars, Shinnippon calendars, Take a Note planners and more. Typically, we let one person on the team take over the whole process for sending out one batch of pre-orders so you can thank Soraya for your Hightide pre-orders, Ashley for PAL (being shipped out now), Christine for your Inkvent calendars and Jane for Take a Note planners! It's a big job and a lot of responsibility on one person, but also a major accomplishment once it's all finished.

On YouTube, we are now doing our Casually Catching Up videos every week or two instead of just one video a month since so much happens in one month. 

It was a month of highs and lows--we're all working very hard and the holiday rush is definitely picking up. We feel it at the end of a long day in the soles of our feet and achy backs, but personally I also love the bustle of the shop during the holidays too and I find it very rewarding to work alongside our very talented team. This month, we had a couple of scary incidents at the shop. Soraya and Ashley had to confront an irate customer who refused to put a mask on, and just a few days before that, we had a close call with a possible intruder early one morning before the shop was open. Luckily, we are all ok--a lock has been installed on our door, which we were previously unable to lock from the inside and we are all looking forward to a very festive December! We'll be putting up our tree at the store this Thursday and I'm so excited!! Are you ready for the holidays this year? 

Here is some of the new stationery we added this month:

Kakimori Potari Pigment Ink
Kakimori Nib Holders
Hightide 2022 Planners
Midori 70th Anniversary Mini Dust Cleaner
Lennon Tool Bar 2021 Fall Ink - Grape
Opus 88 x Lennon Tool Bar Halo Fountain Pen - Purple
Sailor Tea Time Series FIKA Hallongrotta and Cup 
Kaweco Collectors Edition Cyan
Kokuyo PERPENEP series
Pilot Namiki Emperor
Mind Wave Holiday Stickers
Pilot FriXion Design Series
Gekkoso eraser, sharpener, pencil case
Classiky Kraft Sticky Notes
Traveler's Company Guide Book


  • Susan

    Loved watching the tour of your shop! I recently ordered from you, and it arrived well-packed with a lovely handwritten note. It’s good I live in another state, or I’d be spending my paycheck in your pretty store! :-)) Best wishes for your continued success- stay safe and Happy Holidays!

  • Rachel

    So many fabulous items in the store – it will be difficult to choose! And glad that you are all OK & excited for the holiday rush – it is distressing that some of you were subjected to the (potentially infectious!) wrath of an unmasked customer – so many of us seem to be losing our minds these days! I think back to my parents’ stories of all the sacrifices & shortages – and terrible losses – that everyone sustained during WW II & just wish we could see all that we have, most importantly our lives & our health, rather than the relatively little that is being asked of (most of) us. Sending all good wishes for a great holiday season & keep honoring your safety & well-being.

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