Midori 70th Anniversary - Mini Eraser Dust Cleaner - Pale Colors

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Midori was founded in 1950 as a Japanese paper product manufacturing company that produced mainly writing paper, notebooks and sketchbooks. Their goal was to create unique products that enrich people's everyday lives and in the 70 years since they started, they have done just that! For their 70th anniversary, Midori is looking back on their long legacy of contributions to the stationery world and re-releasing these iconic products in special editions. 

The Pale Colors collection of 70th anniversary products are meant to represent the concepts of "bud, flower, and seed," which symbolize the cycle of invention, growth and the challenge of continued innovation, which Midori has tackled over the last 70 years. 

Originally released in 1998, the Mini Dust Cleaner is a super adorable and functional eraser dust cleaner. When you push it across your desk, the little brushes sweep the dust into the back of the car. It might take a few runs to clean completely, but it makes work a lot more fun.