Happy December!

Happy December!

Happy December! Here we are at the last month of this crazy year. Can you believe this year is almost over? In November, two of our early quarantine projects came to fruition - Ester’s Paw washi tape and Yoseka Tote Bag are now available on our website. Aside from our Yoseka Notebooks, these were our first design projects and we couldn't have done them without Soraya. We had so much fun making them and are infinitely excited to be able to share these with everyone.

In addition to our holiday gift guide and easy holiday gift sets, we've added many Christmas, holiday and winter-themed cards, stickers, washi tapes, and many fun sparkly pens for all those cards everyone will be sending out this year. This may be the most important year yet for sending some love through the mail and we hope you'll have fun doing so with some of the decorative stationery we've added!

This month, curbside pickup will be available 1-7pm everyday, while in store browsing remains closed. We will be here to prepare your pickup and answer any gift questions you may have! We are also more than happy to help with recommendations and we often bring pens and paper to the door for you to try so don't be afraid to ask.

Here are some new additions last month. From top left to bottom right (note: some of the items listed below could not fit in the picture--we had a busy month!)

Classiky kata kata plates
Kitta can and Kitta file
Kakimori rollerball pen
Metal stamps from LCN;
MindWave Stickers;
Kakimori pigment inks;
Yoseka Washi Tape - Ester's Paws;
Yoseka Tote Bag
Pilot Kese Lame Sparkly FriXion pens;
Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Markers;
ystudio my resolute gift set;
New Kitta washi tapes;
New MU stickers;
Sailor 10th Anniversary Cocktail Series set and individual;
Sailor 1911 Loch Ness;
Stamps, labels and stickers from OURS;
Stamps and washi tapes from Deer Forest;

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  • Thomas Herker

    Hello, you have wonderful products in your shop and Instagram. I live in Germany. How are the shipping Costs to Germany?
    Greetings and have a good time.

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