Happy August!

Happy August!

Happy August! Last month we just started planning for our one year anniversary (very last minute I know!) We are glad everything is coming together. Leading to our one year next week, we will be hosting a Traveler’s Notebook meetup, giving away stickers and posting the artists we work with throughout this past year 😄 In July, we had many beautiful new additions and two workshops. The photos in the middle are the workshops we had: Writing Circle with Cori and Drawing Night with Meagan @meaganillustrates We also set up Traveler’s Stamp Caravan for anyone who wants to stop by and customize their journals 🎉

The new additions from top left to bottom right:

Kokuyo Surveying Field Book 60th Anniversary Edition
SARASA 2019 Vintage colors
Orenz Nero 0.3mm
Pentel GraghGear 0.7mm and 0.9mm
Sailor Four Season Series
Stamps by LCN
Hobby Stationery Box Vol 50
Mt. Fuji Erasers
POSCA paint markers
Patto Quick Memo Pad
Stalogy 016 Notebook
pins by pppppins
Fisher Space Pen 50th Anniversary Edition
Fisher Space Pen Apollo 11 Limited Edition
Blackwing Vol 10 Nellie Bly Tribute

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