Catching Up Casually: LCN Pop Up Exclusives and Tracing Paper Washi!

Catching Up Casually: LCN Pop Up Exclusives and Tracing Paper Washi!
In this episode of Catching Up, Ashley, our lovely viral Tik Tok-er, and I chat about why you may have missed her recently at the shop, on our IG and on our recent Catching Up episodes. Send her all your good vibes, energy and wishes for good health! We are so excited to give a sneak peek of our Yoseka exclusive LCN stamp which will be available at the end of the month at our LCN pop up and online! Of course, we loved talking about our favorite new stationery and our picks for Customer Friend of the Week. Thank you for watching!

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  • Samantha Fine

    Hi you guys! I just saw the listing go up for the LCN Yoseka stamp a couple of hours ago and I was so excited, but to hear that you’re going to have a Pop-Up exhibit of her work is just amazing! I don’t care if I have to get up early to take the 1 hour and 15 minute train to Grand Central and then figure out the subway to Brooklyn to the closest stop to you, I have to see those pieces! Unless she made another (very similar looking) big set of tiny books, there should be 12 and each one should have a tiny tag with one month of the year stamped on it! She has a video of it up on Instagram and/or Facebook that I loved!! I love her matchbox creations, too! The only thing that would make this all better is if she showed up herself, but she’s had a very busy year and already visited the States (but not NY… I left her a comment that the next time she comes, she should come to NYC and do a meet and greet or something, “perhaps at Yoseka Stationary in Brooklyn.” No kidding!
    Ashley— I hope that you find relief from what you are suffering with. I live with chronic pain (which is one reason I don’t get into the city very much and haven’t been in the shop yet) and it really sucks! One of the things I hate the most is when I not only can’t do the things I have to do, but I can’t do the things I want to do. As a creative person it’s incredibly frustrating. However, if you know about Frieda Khalo’s life (see the movie!), she suffered from so much pain, but managed to still paint even when she was completely bedridden. I take that as inspiration! I’m sending you best wishes and imagining healing energy around you! Also, guided meditations have helped me so much!! It took me several years to even try them, and some more time to take them seriously, but they really help! They started working when I decided that I didn’t care if they were cheesy “new age” but to play them and just follow the directions! The more I listened and followed along, the better I got at tuning out everything else, specifically the pain! Good luck!! 💕 🌟
    Warm Wishes to the whole Yoseka team!
    P.S. Did LCN also make you a special wax seal? Is there only one? I found that part a bit confusing….

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