Black pen comparison

Black pen comparison

One of our the newest store additions is Uni-Ball One. The Uni-Ball One is a gel pen with more vivid pigmented gel ink that doesn’t bleed though paper easily. And yesterday we did a test to compare the black color between different pens. Not all of the pens here are gel. Some of the pens are actually oil-based, which you can see a slight metallic reflection in closeup (bottom photo). The Uni-Ball One does have a really dark color, and more vivid color for sure. Most pens have really comparable darkness, with Hi-Tec-C, Sarasa slightly stand out. Many people asked about our favorite pens among these. I really like to write with Juice-Up and Frixion, and Neil likes Hi-Tec-C and Signo. Which pen is your favorite?


  • Daisy from Yoseka

    Hi christine, the UniBall One does come out a lot darker! It feels very similar to Uni-Ball Signo. Muji pens are very smooth and we like them all as well!

  • christine

    I love pens! Thank you for this ink comparison. The UniBall one is super dark – I might have to try that one… What do you guys think of Muji pens?

  • Daisy from Yoseka

    Hi Jerry, so glad you like this comparison! We haven’t tried many Stabilo pens but we will definitely give them a try next time!

  • Jerry V Brown

    As a fellow dork about pens, I very much enjoyed your black pen comparison! I highly recommend the Stabilo Worker+. (Medium 0.5mm in black is my fave.). It’s dark, thick ink stands out, much like your Sansara Clip. And the pen is indistructable. Give it a try!

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