ameruu Mini Pop Up at Yoseka on 4/30!

ameruu Mini Pop Up at Yoseka on 4/30!

We couldn't be happier to share with everyone that on Sunday, April 30, ame (@ameruu) will be hosting a mini pop up in-store at Yoseka! For the pop up, our brilliant and extremely talented dear friend, ame, will be bringing the stickers and postcards she's designed. Also available as an add-on to our stamping station, you will be able to use some of ame's stamps! Whether you'd like to bring your own planner, notebook, techo, journal or even if you'd like to stamp on one of her postcards from the pop up, you'll be able to sample these stamps and use them however you'd like to commemorate this special occasion of one of our favorite people in the universe at Yoseka.

For those of you who don't follow @ameruu already on Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Twitch, Etsy or any other of the platforms she's on where she is always sharing with and contributing to the stationery community, we are happy to introduce you! ame is an endlessly talented artist and illustrator. Being that we both share our Taiwanese connection and love for stationery, ame and Yoseka crossed paths a few years ago and although we have never met ame in person (until now!!) we just knew she was a kindred spirit. ame's illustrations are both prolific and beautiful, often featuring depictions of different birds she uses symbolically as well as floral and nature motifs, and anime.

She shares her designs and artwork often with the community and is very open about her process. She even streams her art and watercolor process--for anyone who would love to be inspired, her streams are definitely something to check out!

For this Mini Pop Up, ame has designed a very special stamp for Yoseka to commemorate this fun event!

ameruu Mini Pop-Up at Yoseka

  • Sunday, 4/30, 1-7pm
  • 63 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • ameruu's stickers and postcards available for purchase
  • ameruu wooden stamps available to use


Hope you all can make it and support one of our favorite artists who has shown Yoseka so much love since the beginning. 

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  • Oogiku

    Oh my gosh! I just realized your shop is in the neighborhood and now i find out one of my fave artists is coming? Im so excited!

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