Zebra Comic Nib - Titanium G Pen Pro - Set of 10

The Zebra Comic Nib, like the name suggests, is well-loved by manga artists and illustrators who use traditional comic drawing methods. The Titanium G Pen Pro model has the most durability out of all the Zebra Comic nibs, making it suitable for consistent line weight. This nib can create consistent thin lines under light to medium pressure, and slightly larger lines under heavy pressure. The brushed section towards the tip of the nib holds a large ink capacity, and is compatible with fountain pen inks, pigment inks, and other waterproof inks. The Zebra Titanium G Pen Pro nib is ideal for artists who enjoy less line weight variation. The Titanium coating increases the hardness and longevity of the nib, making it a good choice for daily, large, and long-term drawing projects. 

Tip: Steel dip pen nibs come with a protective oil coating to prevent rust. However, this coating can sometimes affect adhesion of ink to the nib and decrease the nib's ink holding capacity. To prepare a steel dip pen nib for use, mix a small amount of dishwashing soap with water and soak the nib in it. Soak the nib for about 30 seconds to start, rinse with water, and dry before using. Repeat the process if needed.