Zebra ClickArt Click Marker - Set of 12 Colors - Pastel

Zebra ClickArt Click Marker - Set of 12 Colors - Pastel. ClickArt is a new marker by Zebra in March 2019. Unlike a typical marker, this pen is designed without a cap. While retracted, the tip is exposed in the air, but it contains a special ink to attract moisture from the surrounding air. The tip of the marker can stay hydrated for at least 52 weeks under 68 Fahrenheit and 60% moisture level. The pen is slim, convenient, and comes with many vibrant color options.

The Pastel Set contains Zebra's new 2022 Pale Color release.

Pastel Set Color Breakdown:

Light Gray, Lemon, Lime, Light Khaki, Sand Beige, Brown Sugar, Pale Rose, Powder Pink, Lilac, Blueberry Ice, Soda Blue, Powder Blue

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