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Yoseka x Sailor - 由 Origin Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen

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We started developing the idea for Yoseka's first fountain pen the summer of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. During many Yoseka happy hours that summer in our small backyard, our team had beers and poured over hundreds of Pantone colors until we found the perfect Yoseka green to match the color that Neil's parents chose 40 years prior.

It meant a lot to us to be able to make our first fountain pen with Sailor. Although Sailor was not the first fountain pen brand we added at Yoseka Stationery, we fell in love with Sailor's beautiful pens that combined over a hundred years of craftsmanship with stunning designs and finishes that really spoke to our hearts. Our connection to Sailor was further deepened when Sailor's President and associates visited our tiny one-year-old Sunnyside shop on their tour of stationery stores in the US in 2019. Being such a new store, we were incredibly humbled and honored, and felt that it said a lot that Sailor would take a chance on such a small shop like Yoseka among the many well-established fountain pen stores with legacies that we have long-looked up to.

Our 由 Origin Fountain Pen is made in honor of Yoseka Stationery's beginnings in Zhongli, Taiwan in 1981 by Neil's mom and dad, and its evolution over the past four decades that allowed us to open our own shop in New York.

  • Original release date: 5/1/2021
  • Model: Sailor Pro Gear Slim
  • 14K Gold Nib
  • Color: Transparent Green
  • Glitter finish
  • "由" custom finial 
  • Gold trim
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (Sailor proprietary) 
  • Comes with a converter and a cartridge
  • Limited production
  • More  由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series
  • Pre-orders taken from 4/8/23 to 4/15/23. Orders estimated to be shipped September 2023.
  • Restock expected around September 2023.

Please Note:

  • Photos used are from our first production batch, which came with the original Sailor nib. As of 2022, all Sailor pens produced come with an updated nib design but same specs.

由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series:

      Beginning in 2021, we began our 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series. Our first release was the 由 Origin Fountain Pen, a transparent green Sailor Pro Gear Slim with gold glitter particles suspended in the pen cap and barrel. The color of this pen came from the color of Neil’s parents’ stationery store in Taiwan. This pen was dedicated to Yoseka’s earliest partners that helped us open our shop. In 2022, our 申 Refresh Fountain Pen was released. Designed by our first employee, Soraya, Refresh was a celebration of our team members, a group of people we have been fortunate enough to find. We rely on them everyday to create a meaningful experience at Yoseka. In 2023, the final pen in the 由申甲 Yoseka Series was released. The 甲 Home Fountain Pen is a celebration of dreams and the gratitude we feel for being able to build the home of our dreams at Yoseka.

        Yoseka Origin Series: 

        The Origin Series is a tribute to the ideas and values that inspired us from the beginning, and those who have shaped the journey of Yoseka Stationery throughout our early years. This series is named after the first character in our store name,  the 由  (pronounced “yo”) in 由申甲. These characters were chosen by Neil’s father as he was first conceptualizing his stationery store in 1981. With Yoseka Origin Series, we wish to honor the hard work and efforts that came before us, share the connection to Taiwan we hold eternally at our foundation, and celebrate our partners who made Yoseka Stationery possible.


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