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Yoseka x Hachi Collections - Walnut Pen Tray

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This Walnut Pen Tray is handcrafted locally by Hachi Collections. We met Shuya Iida, principal designer of Hachi Collections, as we were beginning to conceptualize the layout of our first shop in Sunnyside the summer before we opened in 2018. One of our go-to restaurants at the time was a local ramen spot with a very laid-back atmosphere to accompany the uncomplicated yet delicious food and surprisingly, the most elegant furniture for such a relaxed cafe. It occurred to us to inquire directly with the restaurant to see who made their furniture for them and as it happens, it was part-owner Shuya.

That summer, as we were preparing to open our shop, we were unsure of a lot, but we were certain our center table would be bar height so that customers could easily try pens out, we knew we had a tiny space that we needed to optimize, and we knew we wanted wood pieces all throughout our shop. Shuya consulted with us and helped make our vision come true and he was there on the morning of opening day to deliver his pieces to us and put the finishing touches on these pieces as he slid them into their final places, where they would remain for the next two years until we moved.

When the time came to think about Yoseka Origin Series pieces, to have Shuya make the wooden element for us seemed only natural and Neil and I didn't have to think twice about it. 

  • Dimensions (tray): 7.9 in (20 cm) x 7.9 in (20 cm) x 0.4 in (1 cm)  
  • Width (groove for pen): 0.25 in W x 0.125 in D
  • Material: Walnut
  • Holds 7 pens
  • Handmade by Hachi Collections in Brooklyn, New York
  • Please note: Every Walnut Pen Tray is unique! Each tray features natural wood patterns and wooden color tones that may vary from the photo
  • Yoseka x Sailor - 由 Origin Fountain Pen sold separately
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Yoseka Origin Series: 

The Origin Series is a tribute to the ideas and values that inspired us from the beginning, and those who have shaped the journey of Yoseka Stationery throughout our early years. This series is named after the first character in our store name,  the 由  (pronounced “yo”) in 由申甲. These characters were chosen by Neil’s father as he was first conceptualizing his stationery store in 1981. With Yoseka Origin Series, we wish to honor the hard work and efforts that came before us, share the connection to Taiwan we hold eternally at our foundation, and celebrate our partners who made Yoseka Stationery possible.