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Yoseka Mini Fountain Pen Keychain


The Yoseka Mini Fountain Pen Keychain is an adorable miniature replica of the Yoseka x Sailor Fountain Pen Series! Your favorite Yoseka Fountain Pen can now be attached to your keys, bags, wallets, pouches and notebooks covers. The mini keychains feature the distinct body and finial colors of the Origin, Refresh and Home Fountain Pens, and can be uncapped and posted just like real pens. Please be careful when uncapping, posting and capping the mini pens, as they may develop cracks in the body. 
Yoseka Team Member May originally created these Keychains to celebrate the release of the Home Pen and as a gesture of gratitude to anyone who pre-ordered the Yoseka x Sailor Fountain Pen Series in April 2023. From 3D modeling and prototyping to final production, the process was a challenging but rewarding journey to make a unique product that we've never done before. We are so happy to make them available now to everyone who wants a cute miniature Yoseka Fountain Pen.

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