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These stickers are inspired by Yoseka's Ceramic Ink Series, produced in collaboration with ceramic artist Li Yan Xun. Each sticker corresponds to one of the 8 ink colors from the series and a historical ceramic artifact from the Yuan, Ming, Tang, Qing, and Song Dynasties. Li Yan Xun spent years researching and cataloging the glaze pigments used in Jingdezhen during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Through his Yan Cai project, he revived more than 60 historic glazes and together with Yoseka, selected 8, which he felt were representative across different dynasties. With the help of Ink Institute in Taiwan, we were able to translate these glazes into our collection of Ceramics Inks. 
The ceramics featured in the Ceramics Ink Series sticker designs are some of the most well-known artifacts that remain preserved within the Palace Museum of Beijing, Taiwan's National Palace Museum in Taipei, the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 
    • Matte Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers
    • Dimensions:
      • Large: ~ 2.5 x 1.5 in
      • Small: ~ 1.5 x 1.5 in
    • Corresponding Ink Colors and Ceramic Stickers:
      • Yuan Ji Blue
        • Yuan Plum Blossom Vase (L)
        • Yuan Dragon Plate (S)
      • Ming Kong Que Blue
        • Ming Peacock Vase (L)
        • Ming Peacock Ci Ware (S)
      • Ming Yellow
        • Ming Yongzheng Vase (L)
        • Ming Lead Lotus Petal Jar (L)
        • Ming Hongzhi Bowl with Dragon (S)
      • Tang Mi Se Blue
        • Tang Yue Ware Eight-Ridged Lotus Leaf Jar (L)
        • Tang Porcelain Yue Ware Vase (S)
        • Tang Yue Ware Lotus-Petal Jar (S)
      • Qing Shan Hu Red
        • Qing Fen Cai Vase with Peony (L)
        • Qing Gaiwan with White Plum Blossom (S)
      • Qing Purple
        • Qing Eggplant Skin Jade Vase (L)
      • Qing Yan Zhi Red
        • Qing Olive-shaped Vase (L)
        • Qing Enamelled Bowl with Butterfly (S)
      • Song Black
        • Song Jizhou Ware Bowl with Three Phoenixes (S)
    • About Li Yan Xun
      • Ceramic Ink Series
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