Yoseka Stationery

Yoseka Brass Token

The Yoseka Brass Token is meant to be a lucky charm that can be attached to your favorite notebook or stationery item. The front side features the classic Yoseka sticker which is included in all first time online orders. The back side features the iconic Yoseka Greenpoint arched storefront metal door, surrounded by a halo of fun stationery items such as scissors, spiral notebooks, and pens. We hope carrying the charm brings you good luck on your adventures!
To attach, simply thread the token through your notebook's elastic band, or clip one hole to an already existing loop or chain. Originally created by Yoseka Team Member Ashley as a thank you gesture and token of our gratitude to anyone who pre-ordered the 由 (Origin), 申 (Refresh) and 甲 (Home) fountain pens in April 2023, the brass token is now available for anyone who wants to have a lucky charm by their side.
  • One brass token
  • Double-sided engraved with two holes for attaching
  • Dimensions: Diameter 0.9in (23mm)
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