Yamato Message Stickers - Soeru - Basic


Yamato Message Stickers - Soeru - Basic

These classically designed message stickers are perfect for customizing any surface of your choosing! Each pack of message stickers comes with four different designs per sheet, two on the front and two on the back! The packaging also folds up into a neat booklet for safekeeping. The stickers are made from high quality paper that can be written on with pencil as well as water or oil based pens. These label stickers can also be reapplied multiple times as the adhesive is quite robust! The Soeru message stickers are also suitable for glass and other non conventional surfaces, making them perfect for labeling jars, gifts or as additions to your journal! 

"Soeru" means to attach, but also to garnish and accompany.  "Soeru-chan" is the stylish girl with many hairstyles featured on the packaging.

About Yamato:

Founded 1899, Yamato specializes in adhesives and their motto is "joining things together to find something new". Their sticky stationery and other products have been used at homes, schools and offices for over 120 years. All of their products are made in Japan in accordance with the strict and progressive environmental standards pledged by Yamato.