Yamato Memoc Roll - Lined

Yamato Memoc Roll - Lined

Customizable to your needs, this Memoc Roll allows you to roll out as much sticky note tape as you need! The entire back of the roll is adhesive, making sure that your notes and lists stay put, but also designed to be easily removable in case you change your mind. And the attached tape cutter makes cutting off the perfect amount easy and portable. 

  • Dimensions: 50mm x 10m
  • 7mm Ruled Line
  • Also available in Grid
  • Refills also available in grid and lined

About Yamato:

Founded 1899, Yamato specializes in adhesives and their motto is "joining things together to find something new". Their sticky stationery and other products have been used at homes, schools and offices for over 120 years. All of their products are made in Japan in accordance with the strict and progressive environmental standards pledged by Yamato.