Yamamoto Paper

Yamamoto Paper - Paper Tasting - Vol. 4

Yamamoto Paper's Paper Tasting sets are a fun way to experience and find your favorite papers. Each pack comes with 3 different sizes and types of paper that fall into the paper category of your choice. Included in the Paper Tasting are a detailed information sheet about each type of paper, information on what type of pens/pencil they are suitable for writing on, and a lovely guide about the paper-making process with images and pictures for your education. These Paper Tasting sets are Yamamoto Paper's creative play on the concept of a wine tasting and just like at a wine tasting, with this paper tasting, you'll be able to find your perfect pen friendly paper!

  • 3 types of paper included in each pack
  • 3 sizes of paper included in each pack: B7, A6, B6

About Yamamoto Paper:

Founded in 1972, Yamamoto Paper started as a paper wholesaler and in 2005, they started manufacturing their own papers. Their line of paper products focus on highlighting the differences between distinct papers. From color to texture to weight, Yamamoto Paper puts paper at the forefront and using different ways of processing and printing paper, their products including their Paper Tasting packs, loose sheets and notebooks encourage users to compare and contrast between papers.

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