Uni Mitsubishi Lead Holder - 2mm


The Uni Mitsubishi Lead Holder is a great tool for sketching, drafting, note-taking and writing. Its metal knurled grip makes it easy to hold on to without slipping as you are holding it in hand. The lead holder has a clutch mechanism, allowing the lead to drop out when you click instead of gradually advancing the lead as many other mechanical pencils do. No need to worry about breaking your lead if it drops on the floor, however, as the lead that comes with this lead holder has a built in tiny plastic ring at the top of the lead, allowing it to catch itself just before it falls out of the lead holder. We love this genius design and have to admit it's saved us more than a few times from accidentally shattering our 2.0mm leads if we are hastily handling it! 

Note: The color of the cap is designed to indicate the lead inside the holder.

  • 2.0mm lead 
  • Metal knurled grip 
  • Clutch mechanism
  • Lead that comes with lead holder has a built in ring allowing it to catch itself just before it falls out 
  • Replacement Mitsubishi Leads come with plastic ring to prevent falling
  • Can be used with 2.0mm lead sharpener to sharpen