Uni Jetstream Pure Malt 4&1 - 0.7mm

Uni Jetstream Pure Malt 4&1 - 0.7mm. The Jetstream Pure Malt multipen comes with a smooth wooden grip section that reuses oak wood from whiskey barrels. The rest of the pen barrel is made out of metal, which gives the pen a nice weighted feeling when writing. The matte black finish paired with the dark stained oak of the grip section are modern and elegant, but the pen still maintains its functionality and practicality as a writing instrument that allows you to write in 4 different pen colors (black, red, blue, and green) as well as pencil. A matching matte black cap on the back end of the pen conceal the eraser. This Jetstream multipen comes with the same low viscosity emulsion ink proprietary to all Jetstream pens. 

  • Four 0.7mm ballpoint colors
  • One 0.5mm lead mechanical pencil 
  • Oak grip section
  • Eraser hidden by back cap
  • SXR-80-07 refill available in Black, Blue, Green and Red
  • Refills also available in 0.5 and 0.38
  • 0.5 lead refills available