Uni Jetstream 3 Color Multi Pen - Limited Color - 0.5mm

Forest Blue

Uni Jetstream 3 Color Multi Pen - Limited Color - 0.5mm

The Uni Jetstream 3 Color Multi Pens are back with limited colors for 2022! The latest colors include Forest Blue and Mustard for 0.5mm pens, and also Charcoal Gray for 0.7 mm pens.

The Uni Jetstream multi pen combines three colors into one, featuring a smooth 0.5mm ballpoint tip in Black, Red, and Blue ink. The pen has a comfortable grip and a sturdy clip. This multi pen is great for writing, drawing, and annotating on the go. Unlike regular Jetstream multi-pen, this new version is designed with a button on the top. The blue and red colors are advanced by sliding side buttons, but the black color is advanced by clicking on the button on the top. This special design is made to accommodate users who tend to use heavily on one color. In addition to this special design, the black refill is introduced with a new version with 70% more ink!


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