Uni-ball Signo - 0.5mm

Brown Black
Blue Black

The Uni-ball Signo UM-151, also known as the Signo DX, is one of our favorite pens! This gel pen writes smoothly and has incredible ink flow consistency. Its durable tip provides a sturdy writing base and its ink stands the test of time with its archival and waterproof properties. The smoothness of this gel pen is amplified by its comfortable rubber grip and postable pen cap. However, be sure to cap your Signo pen to keep the pen’s fine tip safe and intact. The Signo UM-151 is available in a variety of colors, tip sizes, and refills - giving it even more reason to serve as your favorite new pen, too!

About Uni-ball:

Uni-ball and Uni are subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Pencil Company. First founded in Tokyo in the late 1800’s, they released their first ballpoint pen in 1959 and developed their first style of rollerball pen in 1979. Mitsubishi’s products include mechanical pencils, refills, markers, correction tapes, and their acclaimed gel and rollerball pens.