Uni-Ball One F - Limited Smokey Color - 0.5mm

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Faded Dark Grey

Uni-Ball One F - Limited Color - 0.5mm. 

In November 2022, Uni released new limited colors for the Uni-ball One F evoking a moodier feel. These colors are dark toned and smokey, based on scenes from autumn and winter.

In February 2020, Uni released the Uni-Ball One, a brand new gel pen that came with the newly developed Uni-Ball One ink, a darker and more vivid gel ink. The Uni-Ball One ink is a pigment based ink with larger particles that are less likely to be fully absorbed below the paper surface, thus creating a more vivid ink color. The ink dries quickly and writes smoothly similar to other Uni-ball gel pens such as the Signo. 

With the Uni-Ball One F, the same pigment ink is utilized in the Uni-Ball One pen body reimagined in subtle toned faded colors meant to blend in to your everyday life and with a metal tip, giving the Uni-Ball One F a lower center of gravity when writing. Because of this increased stability from the metal tip, this pen is even more suitable for use in studying, taking notes and writing long journal entries since you can write with consistent ink flow even with a light touch. 

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