Uni-ball One - Classical Colors - 0.38mm

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These Uni-ball One Classical Colors are inspired by scenes of Japanese, American, and French nostalgia. These pens come in unique new shades of the signature Uni-ball One ink, which is a darker and more vivid gel ink. Uni-ball One ink uses pigment based ink with larger particles, which is less likely to be fully absorbed below the paper surface, thus creating a more vivid ink color that sits on top of the surface of the paper. The ink dries fast, and writes smoothly similar to other Uni-ball gel pens such as the Signo.  

  • Release: December 2021
  • Point size: 0.38mm
  • Classical Colors Sets:
    • High-Collar Modern: Caramel, Sumire, Jade Dew
    • American Diner: Apple Gum, Green Car, Denim Blue
    • French Antique: Peach Canele, Beige Rose, Blue Cologne

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