Uni-ball One - 0.38mm

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Sky Blue
Light Pink
Blue Black
Royal Blue
Light Blue
Mandarin Orange
Lime Green
Baby Pink
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Brown Black
Bordeaux Black
Green Black Click for restock
Black (black body)

Uni-ball one is a brand new gel pen released by Uni on 2/26/2020. The pen comes with a newly developed Uni-ball One Ink, which is a darker and more vivid gel ink. Uni-ball One Ink uses pigment based ink with larger particles, which is less likely to be fully absorbed below the paper surface, thus creating a more vivid ink color. The ink dries fast, and writes smoothly similar to other Uni-ball gel pens such as Signo. The pen comes with a simple design, and a new color indication on the top of the pen. It also has a stronger metallic wire clip similar to the recently released Jetstream Edge.
  • 0.38mm
  • Also available in 0.5mm

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