Tsukineko VersaCraft Soramame Ink Pad - Set of 4 Color

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Tsukineko VersaCraft Soramame Ink Pad - Set of 4 Color. These thumb-sized ink pads come in four color sets in a variety of beautiful colors. To use, simply take the ink pad, insert your index finger in the tiny inverted cup shape of the ink pad, and gently tap the ink onto your stamp or stencil. Since these ink pads allow for more precision when applying ink colors onto a stamp, you can use more detailed stamps and combine multiple colors onto one stamp, creating a beautiful multi-colored stamp image.

These ink pads are suitable for application onto paper, and fabric (such as cotton, linen, and silk) as well as other surfaces such as wood, terracotta and leather.

The ink pads come in a handy plastic container that fit nicely next to each other and colored labels are included so you can easily identify which stamps are which.

  • Includes 4 different stamp colors per set
  • Color label stickers included
  • Double sided tape sticker included to tape onto the sides of each Soramame container to glue all your Soramame sets together for easy storage
  • Color sets come in: Retro, Butterfly, Kiriko, Camellia, High Collar, Modern, Umbrella, Goldfish Bowl, Yoyo
  • Ink Pad Diameter: 0.5”
  • Suitable for paper, fabric, wood, and terracotta
  • Pigment ink
  • All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner
Goldfish Bowl
High Collar

For Fabric Use:
Make sure the ink is completely dry before ironing. When ironing, use the lowest temperature setting and press for no more than 15 seconds at a time.

For Wood and Terracota Use:
After stamping, dry with a hairdryer for about 10 minutes.

About the Creator:
Tomoko Tsukui is a Japanese artist who specializes in keshigomu hanko or “eraser stamps” in which you carve your own stamps out of rubber erasers. This is a popular hobby among kids and teens in Japan and in fact, the artist herself honed her skill of creating keshigomu hanko at the age of 15. She now teaches stamp-making workshops and creates unique works of art using her own technique called hanbyo in which she combines various stamps to create one image.

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