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TRAVELER'S Notebook Customized Sticker Set for 2024 Diary

This is a sticker set for decorating and customizing your TRAVELER'S notebook. The sticker set includes six sticker sheets that feature index stickers, pocket stickers, icon stickers, clear round stickers, film pocket stickers, and schedule stickers. 

TRAVELER'S 2024 theme is TRAVELER'S TOWN. TRAVELER'S TOWN has been a little quiet in recent years, but people are beginning to to travel the world again. The local shops--the coffee shop, record shop, diner, bookstore are beginning to fill up, once again, with visitors from around the world. Conversations begin over neighboring cups of coffee and visitors come to find that they use the same notebook, which has brought them to TRAVELER'S TOWN. Travelers from many backgrounds fill the town with life and an infusion of energy. May you find company in your travels in TRAVELER'S TOWN.