Teranishi Guitar Glass Pen

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The Teranishi Guitar Glass Pens feature tips with spiral-like grooves that hold ink. After dipping the tip in a bottle of ink, it can write like a normal pen. Easy to clean, these are perfect for testing multiple inks and using shimmer inks that can clog up a normal fountain pen.

The glass pen comes in four colors with beautiful swirls of glitter. Because these pens are handmade, each will be slightly different. Each comes packaged with a small protective cap.

  • Dimensions: 6.375"(Length) x 0.25-0.5" (Diameter)
  • This dip pen writes best when held at a slight angle. Rotating the pen a little as you write helps the ink to flow more evenly and allows longer writing sessions before re-dipping.
  • To clean this pen, rinse the nib in water and wipe it dry with a tissue or clean cloth. If particles of ink remain in the grooves, gently clean them with a fine-bristled brush.


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