Take A Note

Take A Note x Old House Face Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover

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Take A Note x Old House Face Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover 

This newest 2023 book cover is a collaboration between Take A Note and Old House Face Studio(老屋顏). Founded in 2013, Old House Face Studio aims to document all sorts of architectural aesthetics of historical buildings in Taiwan.

Drawing inspiration from vintage window frames, mosaic tiles, and concrete breeze blocks, Old House Face created this mesmerizing book cover for the 2023 Take A Note planners. The book covers are handcrafted out of washable kraft paper that provides excellent durability but is significantly lighter than real leather.

The A5 and A6 book covers are compatible with Take A Note planner: Take A Note 2023 - Regular English Version A5 & Take A Note 2023 - Mini Taiwan Holiday Version A6

  • A5 Book Cover Dimensions: 17.9in x 8.6in x 0.07in (45.5cm x 22cm x 0.2cm)
  • A6 Book Cover Dimensions: 12.9in x 6.2in x 0.07in (33cm x 15.8cm x 0.2cm)
  • Material: Heavyweight Washable Kraft Paper
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