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Take A Note - Record Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover

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Take A Note - Record Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover

This portable book cover comes in a foldable, three-pocket design that allows you to insert your Record series notebooks. It is recommended to carry around one Master Bullet Journal plus one Lite notebook, or a total of three Lite notebooks in this book cover.

Being made out of washable kraft paper, this texture is similar to leather but lighter in weight. The tear-resistant and durable material not only presents personal using habits over time like leather, but is lighter in weight and easy to carry. The leather binding rope can be used to wrap around the cover and secure your notebooks, as well as holds a pen or other accessories at the end of the hoop. 

The Record series from Take A Note are specifically centered on the concept of improving everyone's “RECORD” experience. Notebook products in this series are all manufactured with Tomoe River Paper, and find perfect balance in between minimalist aesthetics and multi-functional purposes. 

  • Size: 12.4 in x 7 in (31.5 x 18cm)
  • Material: Imported Washable Kraft Paper, Leather Binding Rope
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