Take A Note

Take A Note - Planner Transparent Book Cover

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Take A Note - Planner Transparent Book Cover

The Planner Transparent Book Cover are designed to protect your Take A Note Planners. The inner pockets are intentionally adjusted to matte PVC to reduce static electricity when you place in stickers or memo sheets. Aside from the PVC pockets, a penholder is also included.

The A5 and A6 book covers are compatible with Take A Note planners relatively, including:

Take A Note 2023 - Regular English Version A5
Take A Note 2023 - Mini Taiwan Holiday Version A6

  • A5 Book Cover Dimensions: 12.4in x 3.4in x 0.07in (31.5cm x 21.3cm x 0.2cm)
  • A6 Book Cover Dimensions: 8.8in x 6.1in x 0.07in (22.5cm x 15.5cm x 0.2cm)
  • Material: PVC
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