Sun-Star Stickyle Mini Scissors

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The Sun-Star Stickyle Mini Scissor is tube-shaped and tiny - the perfect size to slip into your pocket or attach to your keychain or your phone so you can use them on the go! You can easily access them by popping off the cap. The spring loaded handles will allow the scissors to bounce open automatically. One side of the blade is serrated, so that you can cut things like plastic tags and loose threads with ease. 
  • Dimensions:  1.2 cm x 5.0 cm x 1.2 cm 
  • Available in Black, White, Pink, and Light Green. 

    About Sun-Star:
    Sun-Star is a Japanese stationery company established in 1952. They are the official licensees of several famous characters including Peanuts, Disney and many others. Their largest claim to fame is their variety of pencil cases including the "standing arm pencil case" and a "five-sided pencil case" that has 5 storage compartments.