Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Neo 3-Way Corner Cutter

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Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Neo 3-Way Corner Cutter. This handy corner punch allows you to create rounded corners which add a finished touch to your notebooks, sticker sheets, and other paper items. There are three corner radii you can choose from: small (3 mm), medium (5 mm), and large (8 mm).

This corner punch has a handy built-in lock mechanism to prevent accidental use. Simply rotate the knob at the back to release the cutting lever, then push in and rotate backward to lock the lever back in place.

This cutter also features a compartment for punched paper scraps at the bottom of the cutter, which can be cleaned by popping off the bottom plastic piece. 

  • Three sized blades: Small (3 mm radius), Medium (5 mm radius), and Large (8 radius)
  • Works with 3-4 sheets of paper at once and laminated sheets <0.4 mm thick
  • Available in Black and White

About Sun-Star:
Sun-Star is a Japanese stationery company established in 1952. They are the official licensees of several famous characters including Peanuts, Disney and many others. Their largest claim to fame is their variety of pencil cases including the "standing arm pencil case" and a "five-sided pencil case" that has 5 storage compartments.