Stalogy Writable Sticky Notes - 50mm

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These Writable Sticky Notes by Stalogy are made so that you can mark up or annotate your favorite books or notebook. Suitable to be written on with either pen or pencil, the colorful plastic film is durable and semi-transparent so that any text or diagrams underneath will remain visible. These sets of three are available in two color palettes.

  • Available in Fine or Earth
  • 15 pieces per 3 colors (45 pieces total)
  • Dimensions for each sticky note: 2" (50mm) x 2" (50mm)

About Stalogy:

"What should have been, is," is the motto of Stalogy, which is a combination of the words Stationery, Standard and Technology. Stalogy aims to create stationery with good design and function, and to improve the "Standard" level of stationery.