Staedtler Hexagonal Mechanical Pencil

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Staedtler Hexagonal Mechanical Pencil. This pencil's design exemplifies great care for quality, aesthetic, and ease of use. Constructed with an entirely metal body, with a weight at 17.7g, this mechanical pencil features the classic hexagonal pencil form factor which is allows a stable grip. The simple cone shape also mirrors the shape of the classic wooden pencil. The matte finish, which also carries over to the printed text, is a coated aluminum which is pleasantly soft to the touch and is not prone to showing fingerprints.

The push button of the pencil features an elegant window to display the proper lead hardness from 3H-2B. This window can be easily adjusted when the button is removed, but does not rotate when attached the pencil during use or storage. Removing the cap reveals a handy eraser. The button also features an O-ring which secures it against the body. The clip can be kept on or removed depending on your aesthetic and utilitarian preference.

  • 0.5mm lead pipe
  • Dimensions: L (14.6cm) × W (1.1 cm) × D (.89 mm)
  • Lead indicator from 3H-2B
  • Clip and cone finish is matte on black, metallic on silver