SARASA R - 0.4mm

Black (black body)
Black (white body)
Red Click for restock
Sky Blue
Fresh Green
Blue Black
Red Black Click for restock
Green Black
Blue Grey

SARASA R has the most vivid ink colors of all the SARASA pens. The black ink is 27% darker than your average black gel ink. The clicker part of the pen is colored so you can easily differentiate between colors. Like the SARASA Clip, the SARASA R has a large, strong clip on the side, which is easy to clip to pockets, notebooks and even in place of a real paper clip.
  • SARASA R - 0.4mm
  • Available in: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Violet, Orange, Sky Blue, Fresh Green, Blue Black, Magenta, Red Black, Green Black, Blue Grey
  • Also available in 0.5mm
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On the official SARASA website, they list the types of feelings or qualities each color evokes.

  • Black: Confidence
  • Blue: Academia, logic
  • Red: Assertiveness
  • Green: Ecological
  • Pink: Thoughtfulness, active
  • Violet: Artistic
  • Orange: Independence
  • Sky Blue: Calm, composure
  • Fresh Green: Ground-breaking, innovative
  • Blue Black: Polished
  • Magenta: Decisive
  • Red Black: Maturity
  • Blue Grey: Cool, calm and collected