Robert Oster

Robert Oster Signature Ink - Purple Jazz - 50ml

Robert Oster Signature® Fountain Pen Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Made-to-order, the inks are not stored for long period of time for the freshest ink mix as possible. In fact, many ink bottles are filled and shipped just before they are distributed. The bottle itself is made from PET plastic to be environmentally friendly because PET is the world's most recycled plastic and much more often recycled than glass bottles. The cap has an ink swatch to label the bottle, which are swatched by Robert Oster himself.

  • 50ml Bottled Ink
  • Standard Ink

About Robert Oster:

Born from his love of fountain pens in 1989, Robert Oster Inks was created by Robert Oster. He created the brand to share his inner world of color and imagination with others in a way that will live on and allow these creative ideas to endure. Made in Australia, their mantra is, “To exceed every expectation at every opportunity.” Robert Oster Inks have become an iconic Aussie product, and the inks are often referred to as A drink for your pen®.