PLOTTER Refill Storage - Bible Size

The PLOTTER Refill Storage can be used to archive old pages or store your ideas for later. The button snap closure makes it easy to insert and remove refills along the metal pegs. The binder easily stands up on its own, and can be placed on a desk or bookshelf. The exposed spine makes it easy to see how many refills have been archived in the binder so far. Inside the binder, there is a space to write down the contents of the archive. 

Each Refill Storage holds about 300 PLOTTER paper sheets, over 3 full PLOTTER memo pad refills. Use the special sticker included to label the contents of the archive so you can easily find it when stored on a bookshelf.

  • Holds 300 PLOTTER paper sheets (3.75 PLOTTER Memo Refills) 
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  • Please note: This item is large and fragile. An automatic boxed shipping fee will apply to orders under $100 in order to properly protect the item.

    About PLOTTER:

    PLOTTER was founded in 2017 in Japan. With a heavy focus on materials and quality, they aim to develop tools for a “PLOTTER.” PLOTTER is a word representing the “Planner, Organizer, and Imaginer”, but they have redefined the word to mean a person who shapes the future or gives birth to change. Embracing analog tools in a digital age, PLOTTER encourages using paper as part of the creative process, while keeping it streamlined and minimal. With simple but intuitive and long-lasting tools, they hope to support you to embrace creativity and prepare you to challenge the unknown.