PLOTTER Refill Memo Pad - Mini Size

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The PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads are glue bound binder refills meant to be used with a binder system, but can also be used on its own as a plain notebook. The refill is bound using a hand-painted Japanese process called “Tenori” with natural-colored glue. This glue binding makes it easy to tear out the pages as-needed. 

To use with PLOTTER leather binders, only use one full refill in the binder at a time. To use multiple different refill designs: first tear out the pages needed from each type of refill, then mix-and-match these pages, so as to not exceed the 80 page maximum capacity of the binder rings. 

  • 80 sheets
  • 60 gsm Designphil Pocketbook Paper (DP Paper)
  • Mini Size: H5" × W3.15" (127mm X 80mm)
  • Available in: Plain, 2mm Grid, 6mm Ruled, 5mm Dot Grid, To Do List
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PLOTTER was founded in 2017 in Japan. With a heavy focus on materials and quality, they aim to develop tools for a “PLOTTER.” PLOTTER is a word representing the “Planner, Organizer, and Imaginer”, but they have redefined the word to mean a person who shapes the future or gives birth to change. Embracing analog tools in a digital age, PLOTTER encourages using paper as part of the creative process, while keeping it streamlined and minimal. With simple but intuitive and long-lasting tools, they hope to support you to embrace creativity and prepare you to challenge the unknown.