PLOTTER Pueblo Leather Binder - Mini Size

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The PLOTTER Pueblo Leather Binder is the anchor to the PLOTTER system. The Pueblo leather has a soft brushed texture that will take on a beautiful patina over time as you use it. Featuring a gold coated brass backplate and 11mm rings, it's designed to hold just the essentials.

To use with PLOTTER refills, open the binder by the end tabs, not the rings. The binder rings have the capacity to hold one PLOTTER refill at a time, or 80 sheets of 60gsm paper.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 4.13 x 0.6" (140 x 105 x 15mm)
  • Ring Size: 11mm
  • Material: Cowhide
  • Backplate: Brushed Gold
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    About PLOTTER:

    PLOTTER was founded in 2017 in Japan. With a heavy focus on materials and quality, they aim to develop tools for a “PLOTTER.” PLOTTER is a word representing the “Planner, Organizer, and Imaginer”, but they have redefined the word to mean a person who shapes the future or gives birth to change. Embracing analog tools in a digital age, PLOTTER encourages using paper as part of the creative process, while keeping it streamlined and minimal. With simple but intuitive and long-lasting tools, they hope to support you to embrace creativity and prepare you to challenge the unknown.