PLOTTER Accessory Refill - A5 Size


The PLOTTER accessory refills are meant to help enhance the organization and function of your PLOTTER leather binder.

Project Manager - a set of 6 assorted colored folders that can be used to organize refills by themes, projects, or used as an index. Each folder has a to-do list on the back to manage tasks of projects. A Gantt chart is included to document the progress of each themed project. Completed binder pages can be put into the project manager for storage.

Ruler Pad - a handy plastic page with a scale ruler, protractor, character size reference, line width chart, and grid templates of all kinds,

Lifter (2pcs) - a smooth and sturdy pair of inserts. Put it at both ends of the binder to protect the inner pages. Can also be used as dividers or a pencil board.

Leather Penholder with Lifter - a smooth and sturdy insert with an attached penholder. Can be used to protect the inner pages, used as a divider, or a pencil board.

Band with Lifter - a smooth and sturdy insert with an attached elastic band that can be used to keep the leather binder closed.

Leather Ring Supporter - can be used to reduce the impression on the leather caused by the binder ring. It also cushions and protects the rings from unintended impact.

Fastener Case - clear zipper pouch which can be installed in the binder to enhance the binder's carrying capabilities.

    About PLOTTER:

    PLOTTER was founded in 2017 in Japan. With a heavy focus on materials and quality, they aim to develop tools for a “PLOTTER.” PLOTTER is a word representing the “Planner, Organizer, and Imaginer”, but they have redefined the word to mean a person who shapes the future or gives birth to change. Embracing analog tools in a digital age, PLOTTER encourages using paper as part of the creative process, while keeping it streamlined and minimal. With simple but intuitive and long-lasting tools, they hope to support you to embrace creativity and prepare you to challenge the unknown.