Platinum Fountain Pen Ink Cleaner Kit - European Size

Platinum Fountain Pen Ink Cleaner Kit - European Size

Note: This Cleaner Kit only works for European pens!


  • 5 packs of Ink Cleaner Concentrate
  • A dropper (dropper is for use only with European pens!)
  • Instruction manual

Things you'll need:

  • Cup (180 - 200ml)
  • Soft cloth


  1. Affix the dropper to inside portion of nib (where the cartridge/converter goes); wash well by squeezing the dropper in the cup of water to flush out the nib
  2. Prepare clean lukewarm water ~90ml
  3. Mix the clean lukewarm water with a pack of the ink cleaner concentrate
  4. Soak a nib (without dropper attached) in the liquid for a whole day
  5. Once again affix the dropper to the nib again and repeat step 1 in a clean cup of water
  6. Rinse the nib with more clean water, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth