Platinum Curidas - Abyss Blue

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Platinum released their new retractable fountain pen in March 2020. While the pleasure and ease of writing with a smooth fountain pen cannot be denied, a common complaint for some who prefer being able to quickly grab a pen in order to jot down a quick note is that they would rather not deal with the cumbersome process of having to unscrew the cap of a fountain pen, figure out where to place the cap (to post or not to post) just to record a quick thought. Curidas, which was named with the word "curiosity" in mind, was designed for the curious-minded who are looking to explore many ideas quickly and need a fountain pen to keep up with them! 

In order to prevent drying out, Curidas has a nib compartment made of a soft rubbery material that gently hugs the nib when you retract it into the nib compartment. This keeps the ink in the nib from drying out even between longer periods of use. A detachable clip is near the grip section of the pen can be adjusted and removed if its placement bothers you while writing. All of these details unique to the Curidas make it an awesome Everyday Carry fountain pen for anyone who values convenience and efficiency.

  • Nib Material: Chrome plate steel
  • Length: 6 in (15.3 cm)
  • Demonstrator
  • Removable/adjustable clip
  • Nib compartment made of a soft  material that surrounds the nib for airtight seal
  • Cartridge included
  • Platinum converter included 
  • Replacement cartridges available