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Plain Stationery Clear Stamp - Today's Stamp Frame

This Plain Stationery Clear Stamp is meant to be used with Plain Stationery's Today's Stamps, but feel free to illustrate your own "Today's Plan" inside the frame. Since the stamp is transparent, you can easily see and line up the area you want to stamp without fear of stamping over the edge of your paper. These clear stamps are a versatile alternative to the traditional opaque rubber stamps we are used to seeing. To use, peel off the stamp, place anywhere on the acrylic block, and use them just like a regular stamp. Because the stamps are made of a soft silicone-like material instead of the traditional rigid rubber, they can be very detailed and do not require too much pressure to achieve beautiful results.

  • Use with Plain Stationery's Today's Stamps
  • Acrylic Stamp Block Included
  • Contains 1 frame stamp
  • Stamp Size: 3.2 cm x 2.5 cm 

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