Pilot Silvern Fountain Pen - Ishidatami

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Pilot Silvern is a beautiful fountain pen in Pilot's Sterling Silver collection. The pen's barrel and cap are made of genuine sterling silver, giving it a nice weightiness in the hand.

Ishidatami is the name of the pattern that is etched into barrel and cap. In Japanese, ishidatami ("stone paving") refers to stones that were used to pave rough roads, especially on steep mountain passes. These paved roads used large stones carefully composed to give travelers sure footing, which improved travel dramatically during the Edo era. Some portions of these roads are beautifully preserved and have inspired artists in Japan over time. The small, irregular lines engraved on the Pilot Sterling Silvern Ishidatami capture the image of old Japanese cobblestone perfectly.

  • Pen Length: 5.6 in (14.3 cm) 
  • Nib: Rhodium plated 18k gold
  • Barrel and Cap Material: Sterling Silver
  • Snap cap
  • Polish the pen every once in a while to maintain its polished silver appearance and prevent tarnishing
  • Ink cartridge and Con-40 converter included 
  • Polishing cloth included
  • Compatible cartridges can be found here: Pilot/Namiki Fountain Pens
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