Pilot - Namiki Yukari Maki-e Fountain Pen - Bumblebee - Limited Edition (Order Starts Soon)

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Pilot Namiki Yukari Maki-e Fountain Pen - Bumblebee - Limited Edition

The motif of the pen, inspired by the theme of symbiosis, illustrates a harmonious relationship between the flora and fauna of the natural world, capturing the essence of mutualism. A bumblebee, with its slightly larger, rounded body cloaked in soft hairs, serves as a vital role in pollen transportation. Found globally, bumblebees have become indispensable pollinators for numerous plants and flowers. Contrary to popular belief, bumblebees are quite docile unless threatened, and many garden enthusiasts often embrace bumblebees in their gardens.

The Blue Salvia flower that is found in the background is a vibrant violet-blue flower native to North America. It symbolizes respect, wisdom, and familial love. Its sweet nectar draws many pollinators to itself, including bumblebees. Easy to cultivate, Blue Salvia allows gardeners to partake in the joys of planting, mirroring the interconnectedness and mutual support inherent in nature. 

The pen is decorated with a depiction of bumblebees collecting nectar, employing the technique of Hira Maki-e (Flat Maki-e) to capture pollen adorning their wings and body. The imagery of bumblebees fluttering around Blue Salvias utilizes a combination of Togidashi Maki-e (Burnished Maki-e), Raden (Mother-of-Pearl), and gold powder to convey movement and light. Sporting a classic cigar-shaped body, the pen is further enhanced by a #10 18-karat gold nib, plated with rhodium accents to evoke the majestic silhouette of Mount Fuji. Enclosed in a box adorned with Hakone marquetry, an art form that mimics the honeycomb's intricate patterns using small pieces of variously hued woods, the Bumblebee is a testament to the hope that each holder’s days are filled with love. 

The 2024 Limited Edition Yukari Bumblebee is a product of the renowned Kokkokai, embodying months of meticulous and passionate effort. This edition is limited to only 300 pieces produced globally, and 69 pens available in the United States.

Namiki's Yukari Collection illustrates natural imagery of the four seasons through various techniques, often in combination, including Togidashi Maki-e, or burnished-raised maki-e, and Raden. The making of a Maki-e piece is an extremely labor- and time-intensive process involving a repetitive series of applying layers of lacquer, drawing the design outline, sprinkling gold and silver powders to fill in the designs, and polishing to achieve a lustrous surface. The lacquered main design is filled in with the carefully sprinkled gold and silver powders, and then several additional layers of lacquer are applied. Once these layers harden, the surface is polished many times. A finished product can take up to 3 months, and some of the pieces go through the repetitive lacquer-drawing-sprinkling-polishing process up to 130 times. 

  • #10 18k two-tone gold nib
  • Screw-on closure
  • CON-70 converter and blue cartridge included
  • Bottle of Namiki blue ink included
  • Comes in a velvet-lined wooden box with Namiki branding
  • Available in Fine and Medium Sizes in editions: 39/300, 87/300, & 122/300
  • Lifetime warranty under Pilot
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