Pilot Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen - Pine Tree

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Pilot Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen - Pine Tree. 

In Japan, pine trees symbolize longevity and endurance. In the Shinto religion, the spirits of deities are believed to reside in pine trees, so there is always at least one pine on the grounds of shrines. Pine branches are also used to make kadomatsu (gate pine), traditional decorations for the New Year, that are placed around the entrances to homes to show the gods where to enter; this invites good fortune for the year to come. Namiki Chinkin Pine Tree, made by the renowned maki-e artisan group Kokkokai, depicts pine branches and overlapping pine needles in meticulous detail. Namiki Chinkin Pine Tree matches the size of the pens in Namiki's Yukari Collection but with a flat-top silhouette instead of rounded ends; it also features a size No.10 18k gold nib.

The Chinkin Collection is made up of fountain pens which use “Chinkin (Gold Inlay)”, one of lacquer ware techniques that Japan boasts to the world on a par with Maki-e. Motifs are carved into the lacquered surface with special chisels, and after inlaying lacquer in the grooves, placing gold leaves and gold powder gives the pattern expression. The delicate and fine depiction and three-dimensional aspect overflowing with a strong power of expression are the special characteristics of this collection. Since Chinkin is a carving technique, there is no room for mistakes. Every single carve is a true challenge in the sense of the word.

  • #10 18k gold nib
  • Comes with CON-70 converter and spare cartridge
  • For a close-up and 360-degree view of the motif, feel free to refer to its listing on Pilot-Namiki's website here
  • Compatible cartridges can be found here: Pilot/Namiki Fountain Pens
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